Hewlett Packard/Agilent/Philips


Intellivue Modules

M3000A, M3001A, M3002A (X2) (Displays and Parts), M3012A, M3014A, M3015A, M3016A


Transmitters (Available to purchase too)

M2601A, M2601B, M4841A. MX40 (we have a 1.4G system for testing)

Mainframes and antenna systems

M2604A, M2603A receivers


Intellivue Complete MP Series, MP20, MP30, MP40, MP50, MP60, MP70, MP90, M5s, MP5T, M4, M3

24CT,24C, M1204A,Omniview (Can program to any software level)

CMS Merlin (Can program to any software level)

Telemon M2636B, M2636C

Plus late model HP

CO2 Monitoring

M1460A CO2 cables

M3015A microstream

Gas Monitoring

M1026A Anesthetic Gas Module

M1026B Anesthetic Gas Module, NEW

M1013A, G3

M1019A, G5

CMS Merlin Modules

All Modules (M1001A and up, including BIS M1034A, and Intellibridge)

Fetal Monitors

M1350B XM, M1351A, M1350A and transducers

M2720 Avalon and wireless transducers

FM Series (FM20,30,50) and M2734A, M2735A, M2736A transducers

EKG Machines

Pagewriter Series M1700Xli, M1770A

Pagewriter Touch Series



Vital Sign Monitors

VS1, VS2

Central Stations and Data Base Servers

M3150, M3151, M3154

Display Monitors

M1094B, M1095, M1097a

ELO 17”,19”Touch Screen