M3015A - CO2 Extension Intellivue Module

Model Number: M3015A

The Philips M3015A CO2 module comes with CO2 Sidestream standard. It can come with invasive pressure and temperature options as well.    

The Philips M3015A CO2 extension module cannot be used alone. It will not directly connect to a Philips monitor. It must be connected to a MMS, X2, MP2, MMX, or X3 to work properly. This module has a MSL connector going to the monitor and then another connecting it to the patient module. Sidestream CO2 comes standard and you can add Invasive pressure and temp. We see sidestream CO2 failures including occlusion, leak test failures, CO2 equipment malfunctions. We also see communication and power related issues.

  • Dead
  • No communication with Monitor
  • Software not compatible
  • CO2 equipment malfunction
  • CO2 Occlusion
  • CO2 Extension Equipment Malfunction
  • Parameter malfunction
  • Parameter blanked out
  • Parameter connector damaged

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