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866173 - G7 Gas Module

Model Number: 866173

The Philips 866173 G7M AGM module can read O2, CO2, N2O, and Agent gases. It connects with Philips MP or MX monitors that have software L or higher.    

The Philips 866173 G7m AGM gas module is very compact unit. It plugs into standard Philips module racks internally or externally. It can read and identify CO2, O2, N20, and Agent gases. The Philips monitor will need to be running software L or higher. Philips recommends a PM and checkout procedure to be done once a year. Philips will only exchange these units if a failure occurs. We however are able to repair this module in most cases saving you you a lot of money. We also can do PM services. The most common failures with these units are the pneumatics pump or bench.

Troubleshooting help:

Basic Operation Information Flow: 200 ml/min +/- 20, Leak Test: Follow instructions in manual, Anesthetic Agent DES Exp 2.00% ±0.5%, CO2 Exp 5.00% ±0.7%, N2O Exp 43% ±6.2%, O2 EXP 50% ± 3%, Monitor must have software level L.0 or higher.

Helpful Files:

  • Occlusion
  • Low flow
  • Pump won’t turn on
  • Can’t get out of warmup mode

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