M1032A - Vuelink Intellivue Module

Model Number: M1032A

The Philips M1032A IntelliBridge module has specified hardware options for specific equipment. You will need to install specific drivers for each specific piece of equipment. You will also need the specific cable to connect equipment to this module.    

The Philips M1032A Vuelink Module is a communication module that allows other monitors or devices to interface with a Philips MP or MX series monitor. This allows parameters and readings to directly be shown on a Philips monitor. There are 5 different hardware options for these modules. You must get the correct options for your category. These categories are Auxiliary(A01), Vent(A02), Gas Analyzer(A03), Anesthesia(A04), Auxiliary(A05). This module needs to be be loaded with the specific driver for communication to work. It uses a specific cable for each external device it communicates with. We see most failures from this module in communication or power.

  • Dead
  • No communication with Monitor
  • Needs correct driver installed
  • Damaged Connector

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