IntelliBridge EC Intellivue Module

865115 - IntelliBridge EC10 Intellivue Module

Model Number: 865115

The Philips 865115(EC10) module comes with a standard RJ45 connector. It has no hardware options. You need the specific drivers and adapters for the equipment that you are connecting with.    

Philips 865115 IntelliBridge EC10 Module is a communication module allowing other monitors or devices to interface with a Philips MP or MX series monitor. This allows parameters and readings to directly show on a Philips monitor. This module needs to be be loaded with the specific driver for communication to work. It uses a standard CAT5 cable which connects to a EC5 adapter that then connects to other monitor. The EC5 adapter is specific to the particular monitor. For the system to work properly, you need the correct driver and EC5. We see most failures from this module because of communications or power issues.

  • Dead
  • No communication with Monitor
  • Needs correct driver installed
  • Damaged Connector

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