Philips X

X2 IntelliVue Portable Monitor

Model Number: M3002A

The Philips X2 Monitor has a 3.5 inch color screen and a touch screen that is used for navigation along with several interface buttons. The unit receives patient data from its internal parameter block and displays the parameters on the screen. The unit operates on battery power and has available options for wireless.    

The IntelliVue X2 is a remarkably light, flexible, and durable transport monitor. It connects to the MP and MX series monitors and be used as a multi measurement module. This makes the X2 ideal for transporting patients in a seamless fashion. It also comes with a built in parameter block for all in one small design. These units are always on the go making them prone to physical damage. Common issues we see are screen damage, power/MSL connector issues, and parameter failures.

Troubleshooting help:

Default Passwords for Monitor :

Configuration Mode: 71034

Demo Mode: 14432

Service Mode: 1345

Master Password: 4630

Helpful Files:

  • Damaged screen
  • Scratches on touchscreen
  • Dead
  • Won’t power on
  • Wont connect to monitor
  • NIBP defective
  • Defective Parameter
  • Damaged Parameter connector

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