Rad V

Masimo Rad-5 SPO2/RESP Portable Monitor

Model Number: Rad-5V

The Masimo Rad-5 Monitor has multiple mono numeric screens. This monitor has a button interface for navigation. Patient data comes from internal parameters. This Unit can run on battery power.

The Masimo Rad-5 is a compact, handheld device designed to monitor blood oxygen levels and pulse rate. The FastSat feature indicates sudden drops and rises in oxygen levels, and Signal IQ, which indicates how likely it is that the SpO2 measurement is accurate. Other features include a SmartTone function that sounds in time with the patient’s pulse, even when in motion, and a perfusion index that indicates pulse strength in specific parts of the body (such as a hand or foot).

In addition to these features, Masimo Rad-5 Pulse Oximeter has both audio and visual safety alarms to reduce the chances of error. These alarms indicate pulse rate, abnormal oxygen levels, low battery, and ‘sensor off’ conditions. This item has three sensitivity settings: Normal, APOD, and MAX; a sleep mode that silences sounds and dims lights for overnight use; and a 72-hour trending memory maximum.

Power and battery issues, docking connector damage, SPO2 problems.

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