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Philips Telemetry Pack 1.4

Model Number: M4841A

The Philips M4841A Telemetry Box uses Philips 1.4 gig network. It comes in the following options: Non SPO2(S01), SPO2(S02), and SPO2 Upgradable(S03). The unit comes with user interface buttons for nurse call and battery level indicator.

The Philips M4814A Intellivue is a lightweight, pocket sized telemetry transmitter with integrated ECG & SPO2 monitoring. Every model provides bidirectional communication with the Philips IntelliVue 1.4 gig clinical network. The M4841A Telemetry has a strong plastic case, and very reliable electronics. All telemetry units are capable of 3, 5, and EASI ECG Monitoring. The unit comes with user interface buttons for nurse call and battery level indicator. We have found most failures due to physical and liquid damage. These units move around a lot in the hospital making them more prone to physical damage.

Troubleshooting help:

Startup audio Tone Patterns: Once unit is powered on you should see all LEDs flash and hear a single beep. If you hear a double beep after this period, something is wrong with the unit and needs to be serviced. Factory Default or Label set to “NEW_DEVICE” will give you a 2-tone double peep while flashing all LEDs. The unit searching for an access point will give a single beep without flashing LEDs. Check for signs of liquid damage in battery contact area, lead connector area, and case overlay in from of LEDs. Never have a lead set in the unit while trying to assign a label. You will get an error message at the central every time.

Helpful Files:

  • Broken case
  • Power issue
  • Lead Issues
  • Transmitter issue
  • Liquid damage
  • Not transmitting

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