PDM - Patient Data Module

Model Number: 2016793-001, 2016793-002, 2016793-003

The GE PDM module comes with ECG, SPO2, and NIBP standard. You can also get Pressure 1&2 and temperature options.    

The GE PDM is a portable patient parameter module. It can hook into the Solar and Criticare monitors. It has wireless functionality and a lithium ion battery. It is a multi- measurement module that can store patient demographics and up to 8 hours of trend data. We see a lot of physical damage with these units as they are constantly moving in the hospital. This damage can include connector pins in the back of the unit, damage to the parameter connectors and other parameter failures.

  • Damaged interface pins
  • ECG noisey/artifact
  • ECG connector damaged
  • defective NIBP
  • Damaged case
  • Power issues

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