Philips MX

MX600 IntelliVue Monitor

Model Number: 865242

The Philips MX600 Monitor has a 15 inch color screen. It comes with both a touch screen and trim knob that are used for navigation. The unit receives patient data from an external parameter block and displays the parameters on the screen. This monitor is used as a bedside monitor and doesn't come with a battery power option.    

The IntelliVue MX600 provides powerful monitoring unit with 15 inch touch screen. This monitor also comes with trim knob, home, and alarm buttons for additional interfaces. This monitor features PC(iPC) option to access broad patient information. It works with Philips Multi-measurement Module, extension family, X2, X3, FMS RACK, M1026B, and G series AGMs. This unit is a bedside monitor. Common issues we see are power issues causing the unit not to power on or reboot intermittently. Other common issues include damaged LCDs and touch screens.

Troubleshooting help:

Default Passwords for Monitor :

Configuration Mode: 71034

Demo Mode: 14432

Service Mode: 1345

Default Admin Password: 2104

Helpful Files:

  • Damaged screen
  • Scratches on touchscreen
  • Dead
  • Won’t power on
  • Network Issue
  • MSL connector

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