IntelliVue MP Monitor

IntelliVue MP90 Monitor

Model Number: M8010A

The Philips MP90 Monitor has external display. This monitor has trim knob option that is used for navigation. The unit receives patient data from an external parameter block and displays the parameters on the screen. Unit doesn't have a battery power option.    

The IntelliVue MP90 provides powerful monitoring that allows you to view up to twelve waves at once. This monitor is capable of having external trim knob with interface buttons and speaker. This unit doesn’t have a built in screen and can connects to an external displays. It is is capable of outputting information to two displays at once. It is capable of connecting with Philips multi-measurement module, extension family, X2, X3, FMS RACK, M1026B, and G series AGMs. This unit is a bedside monitor and typically used in OR settings. Common issues we see are power issues causing the unit not to power on or reboot intermittently. Other common issues include damages to the external display.

Troubleshooting help:

Default Passwords for Monitor :

Configuration Mode: 71034

Demo Mode: 14432

Service Mode: 1345

Master Password: 4630

Helpful Files:

  • Dead
  • Won’t power on
  • No signal on second display
  • MSL connector damaged
  • No MMS communication
  • No communication with External Module rack
  • No display

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