GE Criticare Patient Monitor B

GE Criticare Patient Monitor B650

Model Number: B650

The GE B650 Monitor has a 12 inch color display. This monitor has a touchscreen and trim knob for navigation. Patient data comes from an external parameter module and has a built in module rack. Unit has a battery option.

The GE Carescape B650 provides powerful monitoring in a highly compact, and highly transportable unit. It uses a touch screen interface and has a trim knob and front interface buttons. It’s capable of talking to both Carescape and S/5 networks. This monitor can have a built in recorder and is wireless network capable. Unit uses external module for patient parameters. It has a double slot module rack built in as well. The module rack, recorder, and patient module section is on an hinge and can flip 90 degrees. This unit is used for bedside monitoring. We commonly see issues with the connectors in the back of the monitor. We also see units unable to boot correctly.

  • Dead
  • Won’t power on
  • Software boot error
  • Recorder malfunction
  • Damaged screen
  • Damaged PDM connector pins
  • Defective Internal Module Rack
  • Damaged USB
  • Network connector on back of monitor

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