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Apex Pro CH - GE Telemetry

Model Number: Apex Pro CH

The GE Apex Pro CH telemetry box operates on the 608-614 MHz frequency bandwidth. The unit comes with user interface buttons for leads, record, and nurse call.

The GE Apex Pro CH telemetry is a device which operates on the 608-614 MHz bandwidth. It uses the EK-Pro clinical algorithm, which processes and analyzes up to five independent ECG leads. The unit can operate up to 120 hours on two double AA batteries. The most common repairs on these unit include case and main PCB replacement.

Troubleshooting help:

Intermittent power issues can be cause by poor contact with battery. Check at the bottom of the unit for case damage or if the blue slider is not making good contact with the battery. Check lead area for signs of liquid damage.

Helpful Files:

  • Broken case
  • Power Issues
  • Transmitting issues

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