Philips VS

SureSigns VS4 Monitor

Model Number: 863283

The Philips Suresign VS4 Monitor has a 8.4 inch color screen. This monitor uses both a trim knob and touch screen for navigation. The unit receives patient data from its internal parameter block and displays the parameters on the screen. The unit is not capable of reading ECG. The unit can have a built in recorder, wireless, oral temperature, and battery power options.    

The Philips SureSign VS4 is a spot check patient monitor that is small, light, and compact. Navigation is done with a built in touch screen or the smart buttons on the side. This unit can come with oral temperature reader, Sidestream CO2, wireless, and local recorder. It has SPO2 and NIBP as internal parameters. You have the normal Nellcor SPO2 or MASIMO Rainbow SPO2. It utilizes a very simple and easy to use interface. Common issues include NIBP, oral temperature, and power issues.

  • NIBP Problem
  • Unit won’t power up
  • Unit won’t boot
  • Display issue
  • Parameter malfunction
  • External Temp malfunction

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