MX IntelliVue Monitor

MX500 IntelliVue Monitor

Model Number: 866064

The Philips MX500 Monitor has a 12 inch color screen and a touch screen that is used for navigation. The unit receives patient data from an external parameter block and displays the parameters on the screen. The unit has available options for a built in recorder, wireless, and battery power.    

The IntelliVue MX500 provides powerful monitoring in a compact, transportable unit with 12 inch screen. The monitor has options for a built in recorder, wireless and battery power. It works with Philips Multi-measurement Module, extension family, X2, X3, and G series AGMs. It features tools that summarize and visualize complex data. This unit is more of a bedside monitor, but does get used for transport. Common issues we see are power issues and damaged touch screens.

Troubleshooting help:

Default Passwords for Monitor :

Configuration Mode: 71034

Demo Mode: 14432

Service Mode: 1345

Default Admin Password: 2104

NOTE: Any of the following part replacement will require the Support tool to set product information on the unit.

Helpful Files:

  • Damaged screen
  • Scratches on touchscreen
  • Dead
  • Won’t power on
  • Showing no product information error
  • Network Issue
  • MSL connector

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