MA A C Parameter Profile

M3001A - Multi Measurement Intellivue Module (MMS)

Model Number: M3001A

The Philips M3001A module comes with ECG and SPO2 standard. It is capable of invasive blood pressure monitoring and temperature monitoring with the purchased option. SPO2 uses different technology depending on the option you choose.    

The Philips M3001A multi measurement module or MMS is a patient parameter module. It connects to MP and MX series Philips monitors. The MMS has basic Interface buttons on top of the module. It connects to a monitor or module rack using a MSL connector. Basic patient data can be saved on the module and moved over to another monitor. They’re usually connected to the bedside monitor. Depending on the option they will use different SPO2 technology. It has 12 lead ECG capability. We see a lot of power or no communication issues with these units. NIBP and parameter related problems as well. Parameter connectors damage is very common.

  • Dead
  • No communication with Monitor
  • Intermittent power cycle
  • Damaged MSL connector
  • Damaged case
  • Parameter Malfunction
  • Damaged parameter connector
  • Parameter blanked out
  • NIBP equipment malfunction

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