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M2705A - FM50 Fetal Monitor

Model Number: M2705A

The Philips M2705A Fetal Monitor has a 6.5 inch color screen. This monitor utilizes touch screen navigation. The unit receives patient data from its internal parameter block and displays the parameters on the screen. Unit has direct power option only, no battery option available.

The Avalon FM50 is a powerful Fetal monitor. It is bigger, but fits well on a cart with all parameters facing the front. It can read up to 3 fetal heart rates. Internal memory can store data locally up to an hour. It has build in maternal parameters including Pulse, ECG, NIBP. The monitor also has build in fetal parameter connectors for transducer hook ups. It supports both wired and wireless transducers. Unit has Philips I/O slots which provides versatility. Common issues are unable to boot, touch screen failures, and recorder failures.

Troubleshooting help:

Default Passwords for Monitor :

Configuration Mode: 71034

Demo Mode: 14432

Service Mode: 1345

Master Password: 4630

Helpful Files:


  • Power cycling
  • Defective recorder

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