E CO E COV E CaiO E CaiOV Gas Module Double Wide

E-CO, E-CaiO, E-CaiOv - Gas Module - Double Wide

Model Number: E-CO, E-CaiO, E-CaiOv

The GE E-CO, E-COV, E-CAIO, and E-CAIOV AGM module can read O2, CO2, and N2O. The E-COV also has spirometry. The E-CIAO has Agent Identification and readings. The E-CAIOV has Agent Identification, readings, and spirometry.

The GE E-CAIO series AGM gas module is a small and compact module. All models can identify and read O2, N20, and CO2. The E-COV and E-CAIOV also have Spirometry. The E-CAIO and E-CAIOV can read and identify Agent Gas. The module is double wide making it very easy to implement in many situations. It works with GE module rack and internal module rack on GE Monitors with compatible software. OEM requires a normal PM and checkout each year. Every four years requires replacement of a CO2 Scrubber which is sold separately from the standard PM kit. The most common issues with these units bench or pump failures. Most errors displayed on screen are related to pneumatic assembly usually causing occlusion for flow rate issue.

Troubleshooting help:

When checking flow rate and running gas unit needs a 3 meter sample line. Basic Operation Information Flow rate: 200 ml/min +/- 20 ml/min, Calibration Gas: 755571-HEL 5% CO2, 54.5 O2, 36.0 N2O, 2% DES

Helpful Files:

  • Sensor INOP
  • Failing leak
  • Calibration
  • Pm kits
  • Check D-fend

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