Corometrics   Fetal Monitor

Corometrics 120-129 Fetal Monitor

Model Number: 120, 128, 129

The GE Corometrics 120 series fetal monitor has a monochrome display. It uses a trim knob for navigation. The unit has fetal US, TOCO/UA, US, maternal ECG, SPO2, and NIBP. Unit comes standard with an internal recorder.

The GE Corometrics 120 series Fetal Monitor has a monochrome display screen with trim knob navigation interface. This fetal monitor is designed for both fetal and maternal parameters. Unit has a built in recorder with easy to use interface buttons above the recorder. Unit has parameters in front of unit for Fetal Ultrasound, TOCO/UA, and US. It also has maternal parameters including ECG, SPO2, and NIBP. Common issues with these units are recorder failures and fetal parameter failures.

  • Recorder issues
  • Fetal parameter issues.

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