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453564453711, 185-0145-PH - BIS Cable, Hockey Puck, Power Link

Model Number: 453564453711, 185-0145-PH

The Philips 185-0145-PH BIS PUCK connects to the M1034A/B Module for BIS readings.    

The Philips 185-0145-PH BIS Cable connects the Philips BIS module to a Philips monitor. The other end connects to the patient interface cable(PIC). The back of the main housing has a clip for easy mounting. We usually see BIS engine malfunction or physical damage to the case or connectors. Sometimes physical damage to the PIC connector can cause incorrect sensor readings.

  • BIS engine equipment malfunction
  • Damaged Cable
  • No communication with monitor
  • Damaged case
  • Sensors not reading within range

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