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We specialize in partnering and working alongside "biomeds, in the trenches and actual equipment users" to accelerate repairs, provide parts, service, tech support, installations, and continue to build industry leading quality repairs.  We don't push facilities to grow business at all costs, or have sales people calling continually.  Our relaxed, open, and honest working style is one of the reasons we've been successful for over 24 years in earning customers trust and a seat at the table in future opportunities.


We hustle. We like scenarios where everyone wins.  We take partnerships seriously and will work our tails off to help you succeed, but never take ourselves too seriously.   Our most loyal customers are the ones that first fell for the promises of others, then gave us a try.  This anti "bigger is better" approach allows us to pick up where other companies have let you down.   


Our goal is to provide you the resources and expertise to supplement your already successful organization and to assist in more rapidly achieving organizational goals.  Much like you, we aren't the incumbent behemoth in our industry - but, like you, we try harder.

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Alan's favorite part of Pioneer Biomedical is the family atmosphere. When he's not working, you can find him sleeping and playing computer games. If he could travel anywhere, he would go to New Zealand with his wife.

Fun Fact: He's so fun, he has two! First, he is a Bob Ross painting apprentice! Also, he has never worn the same Halloween costume in over 30 years of dressing up. Spooky!

Brendan says the fun team environment and fish tacos have kept him here. When asked what his favorite medical device is, he enthusiastically stated that the Philips AGM M1026B and him go WAY back. When he's not hanging with his good friend M1026B, you can find him embarrassing his wife with his dance moves, singing, and cooking.

Fun Fact: He is not as smart as everyone thinks...just really good at Google searches.

Cheryl is energetic, enthusiastic and inspired by a passion for sales with a proven ability to develop new business, build repeat business and establish long-term positive customer relationships at all levels. A registered nurse with over 20 years experience working in the ER, ICU and the Operating Room. This provides her with a broad spectrum of knowledge in patient care, medical equipment and the healthcare industry. Cheryl is currently serving her 4th year on the board for the Biomedical Association and speaks frequently at Biomed conferences nationally.

Fun Fact: She grew up on Vancouver Island, British Columbia Canada. Although she didn't live in an Igloo, she does say, "Out and About" and "Eh."

Collin enjoys hearing Yohan sass Brendan at lunch. When he's not in the office, he enjoys hiking and finding new music...sometimes at the same time. He would love to visit Barrow, Alaska to see narwhals and polar bears and probably do some hiking as well.

Fun Fact: He's almost as tall as Dan and can still touch his toes...but it hurts really bad.

Dan has been with Pioneer Biomedical since it started in 1994. His favorite part of his job is working directly with customers and getting to know them. Outside of work, he loves hanging out with his family and cruising in his minivan. He attended Marquette University and received a BS in Biomedical Engineering. 

Fun Fact: Dan makes a mean hot sauce and holds the record for most Monster energy drinks consumed in one day at Pioneer Biomedical, 6.5.

Jacob's favorite part of his job is working with fun people who are willing to work around his college schedule. Speaking of college, Jacob is currently pursuing a business degree with an emphasis in Enterprise Management at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Go Roos! When he's not working or studying, Jacob is balling up in a men's basketball league or watching soccer, baseball, basketball, and football.  One day he wants to visit Spain.

Fun Fact: He has over 60 first cousins! (Click Dan's name for a surprise!)

Mike was one of the original employees of Pioneer Biomedical back in 1994. From then to today, he has stayed with Pioneer Biomedical because he loves what he does, electronic field service. He loves getting to interact with customers directly and building relationships with them. When he's not in the field working on medical systems, you can find him in the outdoors hiking, kayaking, and practicing his marksmanship. His favorite pastime is being barefoot and working in the veggie garden.

Fun Fact: He has been married for 37 years and has 6 kids! He also served in the Navy as a micro miniature repair technician. Ahoy! We don't know how he does it all.

Before coming to Pioneer Biomedical, Mike served in the Marines (Semper Fi) and then worked for a hospital. Eventually, he was drawn to Pioneer Biomedical because of the variety of services they provide. When he's not overseeing operations in the office, he loves spending time in the outdoors kayaking, fishing, and floating. He wants to go on a trip to the Australian Outback and soak up some of the beautiful sun down under. Me too, mate!

Fun Fact: He used to catch and collect snakes as a kid, and now he feeds Great White Sharks on his long-range fishing trips. *Cue Jaws music*

Pamela's favorite part of working here is the teamwork and the great talent in the shop. Also, she says the blend of ages and career experience makes for an exciting atmosphere. Outside of work, she enjoys home projects, especially the challenge of removing wallpaper. When asked what her favorite medical equipment is, she replied "clean" equipment.

Fun Fact: She is a Gemini, meaning she's quirky!


The highlight of working at Pioneer Biomedical for Rayna is Dan's homemade ghost pepper salsa. Outside of work, she loves reading, hiking, and looking at cute pictures of dogs on the internet. Her dream is to go to Mars with Elon Musk.

Fun Fact: She has touched all three Jonas brothers! Also, she had her wedding ceremony in a Shinto Shrine in Japan but was legally married by an Elvis impersonator at Graceland Chapel.


Ryan likes that every day he does something new at work, so he never gets bored. Outside of work, Ryan is majoring in accounting and finance at Creighton University and loves hanging with friends, playing video games, and running. He gets to live out his dream of traveling across Europe this spring as he studies abroad in Bologna, Italy. Ciao!

Fun Fact: He built the website you're currently looking at!


Yohan's favorite parts of Pioneer Biomedical include the breakfast burritos, fish tacos, and casual fridays. If you saw her around the office, you would most likely find her being sassy and rolling her eyes, but we promise she's as sweet as can be. 

Fun Fact: Whenever she needs expert advice, she just talks to herself!