About Us

We specialize in partnering and working alongside "biomeds, in the trenches and actual equipment users" to accelerate repairs, provide parts, service, tech support, installations, and continue to build industry leading quality repairs.  We don't push facilities to grow business at all costs, or have sales people calling continually.  Our relaxed, open, and honest working style is one of the reasons we've been successful for over 24 years in earning customers trust and a seat at the table in future opportunities.


We hustle. We like scenarios where everyone wins.  We take partnerships seriously and will work our tails off to help you succeed, but never take ourselves too seriously.   Our most loyal customers are the ones that first fell for the promises of others, then gave us a try.  This anti "bigger is better" approach allows us to pick up where other companies have let you down.   


Our goal is to provide you the resources and expertise to supplement your already successful organization and to assist in more rapidly achieving organizational goals.  Much like you, we aren't the incumbent behemoth in our industry - but, like you, we try harder.

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