If you don't find the answer you're looking for, give us a call at 1-888-644-3274!

Can we call in for an RMA?

Yes. Call anytime, and we will help.

Do we need an RMA to send in a device for repair?

No. Send it in with paperwork so that we know the problem and what you would like to have done. We also have an printable repair form (you can actually write on it!) to send in the box.

Can I speak to the technician repairing my device or who repaired my device?

Yes, Call anytime. Our skilled technicians would be happy to discuss the repair with you.

What is the warranty policy for sales?

It is either 90 days, 6 months or 1 year, depending on the item sold.

What is the warranty policy for repairs?

1 year for electronic repair or 90 days for mechanical items such as motors, bulbs, pumps, and other moving part items

Do you guys have any sales or marketing employees?

No, we do not have any. We focus on serving you well and gaining business through that.

After gas modules are repaired, how are they tested?

We will flow check, leak check, and calibrate with cal gas following OEM procedures.

Do you come on-site for installations?

Yes. In fact, that is a way we are different. We deliver the “turn-key” package if you wish, or we can simply sell you the monitors.

Do you have PM kits for the M1026B?

Yes. We have a kit with the critical parts, that we call a basic PM kit. Give us a call at 1-888-644-3274, or email us at support@piobio.com if you are interested in learning more or purchasing one!

Can you change software on a specific device?

Yes, we can change software, but it depends on the device and the software requested. Give us a call at 1-888-644-3274 to see if we can change your device's software.

Is there a fee assessed on unused parts?

Yes. We charge 30% to cover our testing and recertifying the part.

Can we return unused parts?

Yes, of course!

What is the cut-off time for shipping?

FedEx Express: 5 PM Central Time FedEx Ground: 4 PM Central Time

Do you work on Philips servers that are out of support?

Yes. We can come on-site, but the first step is to do some troubleshooting over the phone to see if we can help you resolve the problem that way. If not, we are happy to check it out on-site.

Do you sell and repair Philips central stations?

Yes, including those that are out of support.

Can you repair equipment that is out of support, or that the OEM will not supply parts for?

Yes, of course. We can also offer upgrades to newer equipment.

Why only $100 insurance on the shipping?

Truth is, we cannot be responsible for the way the box is packed. Also, FedEx does not issue refunds easily and rejects claims based on any packing faults they find, including used boxes.