Philips Devices

Welcome to the Philips devices page. Below, you will find lists of the Philips equipment we currently repair, sell, and rent out.  If you don't see the item you're looking for, give us a call at 1-888-644-3274, and we will be glad to help you!

Intellivue Modules

  • MX100 (X3)

  • M3002A (X2)

  • M3001A (MMS)

  • 867041(CO2 Module)

  • All EC5 Adapters

  • 865115 EC10 Modules

  • M1029A, M1032A,

  • M1034A, M1034B,

  • M1116A, M1116B, M1116C

  • M1006A, M1006B, M1020B

  • M3015B

  • M3015A

  • M3012A

  • M3014A

  • M3016A

  • M3000A

  • M8102A (MP2)

  • Battery Extender (865297)


  • Transmitters (Available to purchase too)

  • MX40 Telemetry (we have a 1.4G system for testing)

  • MX40 Charging Base (865220)

  • M4841A Telemetry

  • M2601A, M2601B Telemetry

  • Mainframes and Antenna Systems

  • M2604A, M2603A Receivers

  • Digitrak XT (860322)



  • Intellivue Complete MX Series, X3, MX100, MX400, MX430, MX450, MX500, MX550, MX600, MX700, MX800

  • Intellivue Complete MP Series X2, MP2, MP20, MP30, MP40, MP50, MP60, MP70, MP90, MP5, M5S, MP5T, M4, M3

  • Intellivue XG50 Patient Monitor

  • Intellivue FMS-4

  • V24CT, V24C, V24E, V24F M1204A, M1205A, Omniview (Can program to any software level)

  • CMS Merlin (Can program to any software level)

  • Telemon M2636A, M2636B, M2636C

  • 862120  (USB Recorder)

  • M3046A (M3/M4)

  • A1, A3, C1, C3

Gas AGM Modules

  • G7 (866173)

  • M1019A, G5

  • M1013A, G3

  • M1026B Anesthetic Gas Module

  • M1026A Anesthetic Gas Module

CO2 Monitoring

  • 867041 Module​

  • M3015B Microstream

  • M3015A Microstream

  • M2741A Sidestream

  • M1460A Mainstream  CO2 Cables

  • M3014A

  • M3016A

  • VM1


  • 453564453711 BIS Cable, Hockey Puck, Power Link((185-0145-PH)

  • M1034A BIS Module

  • M1034B BIS Module

EKG Machines

  • Pagewriter TC30, TC50, TC70

    • PIM (453564150741, 453564078321, 453564078291)

  • Pagewriter Touch Series

    • Pagewriter Touch Modules(453564076881, M5042-60003, M5042-60001)

  • Pagewriter Trim Series

    • Pagewriter Trim Modules (989803130091)

  • Pagewriter Series M1700Xli, M1770A

Fetal Monitors

  • 866074 Avalon CL

    • Cordless Toco, Beige (866075), Cordless US, Beige (866076), Cordless ECG/IUP, Beige (866077)

  • M2720A Avalon CTS

    • Wireless Toco, Blue (M2725A), Wireless US, Blue (M2726A), Wireless ECG, Blue (M2727A)

  • M2705A FM50, M2704A FM40, M2703A FM30, M2702A FM20

    • Toco (M2734A), Toco MP (M2734B), Toco+ (M2735A), US (M2736A, M2736AA), ECG/IUP (M2738A)

  • M2922A FM2, Series 50XM (M1350B), M1350A, M1351A

    • Toco (M1355A), US (M1356A), ECG Pat. Module (M1364A)

FMS Racks

  • M8048A FMS RACK 8 Slot 

  • 865243 FMS RACK 4 Slot


  • M3535A Heartstart MRx

  • M4735A Heartstart XL

  • M1722A Codemaster

SureSigns Monitors

  • VM4, VM6, VM8

  • VS3, VS4

  • VM1

  • VS2

  • VS1

  • VSV

Central Stations & Database Servers

  • M3150A, M3151A, M3154A, RP5700, RP5800, 7858A, 7858B, SCC, ML350, G5, G7

Display Monitors

  • M8033C, M8033B, M8033A, M8031A

  • ET1928L, ET1725L, ELO Displays

  • M1097A, M1095A, M1094B

  • V3C-SX19-R230, NDS Displays

CMS Merlin Modules

  • All Modules (M1001A and up, including BIS M1034A, and Intellibridge)

  • M1001A, M1002A, M1002B, M1006A, M1006B, M1006A-D, M1008A, M1008B, M1012A, M1015A, M1016A, M1020A, M1020B, M1021A, M1027A, M1027B, M1029A, M1032A,

  • M1034A, M1034B,

  • M1116A, M1116B, M1116C

  • All EC5 Adapters

  • EC10 Modules (865115)

Wireless SSR Pod Modules

  • NIBP Pod (865216)

  • SPO2 Pod (865215)

  • RESP Pod (865218)

  • MX40 Battery and Pod Charging Base (865220)


  • Holter Monitor

  • Digitrak Holter System Devices

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